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In the last 10 years

we all had motivations to create a huge community of doers and thinkers, connected by the passion of spreading ideas for a better world. This was our space of experimentation and trust, but times change fast and now we’re moving and growing into a new space, where we feel the need to turn our learning into something more impactful.  But how can we shape this new space as a Goal-Based Learning space? What have we learned from the past and what is going to be our role and our mission in the future? How can we know which goals to focus on in order to inspire a more aware and autonomous society?

We are all connected. Together we can reach the next level of knowledge and experience, a space of interaction and synergy. A space shaped with our deep learnings as a community of doers and thinkers, movers and shakers, and above all Deep Learners. 

“The intent of a Goal-Based Learning is to provide motivation, a sense of accomplishment, a support system, and a focus on skills rather than facts. Every aspect of human behaviour involves the pursuit of goals, and if goals are at the base of the human thought process, then learning must be a goal-dominated arena as well.”

Roger Carl Schank – (Pioneer of the Conceptual Dependency Theory, Artificial Intelligence theorist, cognitive psychologist, learning scientist, educational reformer, and entrepreneur).

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